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Loss Of Confidence In Midlife – How To Overcome It

Loss of confidence can be huge in midlife. But it doesn’t have to stop us living our best lives. Here are easy ways to identify and fix it!

5 Steps To Starting Fresh In Midlife

Has midlife got you dreaming of starting fresh? Building a different life? Here’s how to start creating your magnificent next chapter.

Redefining Midlife: Better, Bolder, Brighter

Midlife today looks very different to in the past. It’s time for midlife redefined!


Alcohol And Menopause

Alcohol And Menopause

How alcohol and menopause is a tricky combo, and why booze can often make menopause symptoms, especially hot flushes and night sweats, worse.
An Easy Menopause Guide For Men

An Easy Menopause Guide For Men

Women aren't the only ones affected by the change. Here's our easy menopause guide for men so they understand what's happening!