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We’re all about amplifying the voices of women in midlife and beyond. There are some amazing women in the ‘older’ category on Instagram, who embody positive ageing and we get a lot of inspiration from them. So we thought it would be good to share some of our favorite Instagram influencers over 50 with you. If you listen to our Magnificent Midlife Podcast you may recognize some of our wonderful guests. Enjoy! Let us know in the comments if we’ve missed any of your favorites from our list!

Influencers over 50

Rachel Peru

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Rachel Peru is a 50-year-old silver curve model, represented by Bridge models in London. She’s passionate about older women over 40 being represented and visible in the fashion industry with a real love for modelling lingerie and swimwear to help promote body confidence in midlife. As well as her modelling and body positivity work, she also has her own brilliant podcast called Out Of The Bubble. Luckily she recently had a birthday so we can include her in our Instagram influencers over 50 roll call! It just wouldn’t be right not to.

Website: Out Of The Bubble | Facebook: @stepoutofthebubble | Twitter: @rachel_peru | Youtube: Rachel Peru | Pinterest: Rachel Peru

Listen to Rachel Peru on the Magnificent Midlife Podcast

Jo Moseley

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Jo Moseley is a multi-passionate and active lifestyle enthusiast and the founder of the blog Healthy Happy 50. She’s passionate about inspiring and empowering women in midlife and beyond to become and stay active and reap the positive benefits of that. Jo completed a North of England coast to coast stand-up paddle board (SUP) challenge, becoming the first woman to do this at the tender age of 54. Jo recently started her own podcast, The Joy Of SUP.

Website: | Twitter: @Healthyhappy50

Listen to Jo Moseley on the Magnificent Midlife Podcast

Tania Dalton

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Tania Dalton is a 52-year-old Healthy Ageing Coach and Personal Trainer who is also passionate about redefining age. Passionate about sharing her knowledge, ideas and philosophies with other people, Tania believes that ‘investing in your health is the most important investment you can make’. Her goal is to help empower other midlifers to fully enjoy their lives, love their bodies and be fit and healthy regardless of their age.

Website: | Facebook: @taniadaltonpt | Twitter: @TaniaDaltonPT

Listen to Tania Dalton on the Magnificent Midlife Podcast

Suzi Grant

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A post shared by Suzi Grant, Alternative Ageing (@alternativeageing)

Suzi Grant is a qualified nutritionist, broadcaster & author of three health books. Her most recent book, Alternative Ageing, provides sound advice on ageing healthily and naturally. She also runs a blog that offers regular articles, recipes and inspiration for anyone who wants to be fit, funky and fabulous in their 60s and beyond! She’s a social media superstar and has been featured in lots of top magazines! Suzi was the first ever guest on the Magnificent Midlife podcast!

Website: | FB: @alternativeageing |Twitter: @alternativeage

Listen to Suzi Grant on the Magnificent Midlife Podcast

Alyson Walsh

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Alyson Walsh is a freelance journalist, former magazine fashion editor and author. She strongly believes that it’s not about age, it’s about style. That’s Not My Age began in 2008, when she noticed a space online to celebrate midlife and beyond. Over a decade later, That’s Not My Age has been at the forefront of a movement empowering women and calling out ageism and sexism.

Website: | FB: @thatsnotmyage | Twitter: @thatsntmyage | Pinterest: That’s Not My Age

Kwavi Agbeyegbe

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Kwavi Agbeyegbe is a midlife lifestyle and weight loss coach who specializes in helping women embrace midlife. She’s passionate about changing negative midlife narratives. She believes now is the time for us to take action, and it’s never too late.

Website: | FB: @kwavitv | Youtube: Kwavi TV

Listen to Kwavi Agbeyegbe on the Magnificent Midlife Podcast

Nikki Garnett

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Nikki Garnett is an award-winning blogger writing about ageless style and the former editor of Selfridges magazine. She runs the blog Midlifechic which is a UK style blog for women over 40 focusing on wearable fashion and family life. Midlifechic is for women over 40 who are getting their groove back. 

Website: | FB: @midlifechic | Twitter: @MidlifeChic | Pinterest: Midlifechic

Makeda Smith

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A post shared by makeda aka sheBA (@flyingover50)

Makeda Smith is a veteran entertainment industry publicist ( as well as an independent performance artist who trains and teaches pole dance and exotic flow movement. She began her pole and aerial training at the age of 50 and has received international media coverage for her dance accomplishments and the launch of her dance brand, FlyingOver50. Her mission is to reawaken the sleeping goddess that resides in all women, regardless of their age!

Website: | FB: @flyingover50 | Twitter: @flyingover50

Listen to Makeda Smith on the Magnificent Midlife Podcast

Lorraine Ladish

Lorraine Ladish is the founder and CEO of Viva Fifty! a bilingual community that celebrates being 50+. She’s been an editor, writer, social media coordinator and is also a yoga teacher and Reiki Master. Her latest venture is The Flawed Yogini.

Website: | FB: @lorrainecladish | Twitter: @lorrainecladish | Pinterest: Lorraine C. Ladish

Gail McNeill

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Gail McNeil is an ethical, organic t-shirt designer and content creator. She is positively embracing midlife with silver hair, sassy wrinkles and a vegan, cruelty free lifestyle. She’s really good with makeup!

Website: | Pinterest: Gail McNeill | Youtube: Fifty Sister

Rebecca Weef Smith

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Rebecca Weef Smith is the editor of the deliciously glossy Goldie Magazine and a fashion diva. She is re-fashioning life too and on a mission to create some of the coolest, funniest short videos you can hope to brighten your day.

Rachel Lankester

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We couldn’t leave out our editor Rachel Lankester from our list of Instagram influencers over 50! She’s on Instagram as Magnificent Midlife! She aims to change the world one magnificent midlife woman at a time, empowering your next chapter, disrupting ageism and changing outdated narratives. Her IG feed is a mix of life, thoughts, inspiration, and the Magnificent Midlife Podcast.

Websites: Magnificent Midlife and Mutton Club | Facebook: @magnificentmidlife | Twitter: @MagnifMidlife | Pinterest: @MagnificentMidlife1 | Youtube: Magnificent Midlife

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Instagram influencers over 50

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