Are you tempted to stop dyeing your hair? Do you already embrace your natural color? Either way, take inspiration from these fabulous women – our Silver Ladies. Don’t they all look stunning.

Choosing to embrace our natural hair color as we age shouldn’t be a difficult thing but it can be. But these days, even young women are embracing silver hair colors. Read our Silver Ladies’ experience of ditching the dye and what they’ve found best and also most difficult. You can follow all these beautiful Silver Sisters on Instagram.

Alison Macpherson

Alison is a 44-year-old wife and mum who lives in a rural village in the Scottish Borders. She is Deputy Headteacher of a school for children who have Complex Additional Support Needs. Alison comes from a long line of silver-haired ladies and found her first grey hair while still in secondary school. She rocks a short haircut!

When did you stop dying your hair and why then?

I stopped dyeing my hair during the second UK lockdown at the beginning of 2021. I was at the stage where I had obvious silver re-growth 2 weeks after dyeing my hair and I was very conscious of it. I was highlighting my hair to blend it in, dyeing my roots dark to cover them, and cutting my hair in a particular style to try to hide it too. I was tired of it! After speaking with family and doing a poll on Instagram I decided to see what my real hair would look like. I had about 3cm of re-growth at that stage and thought…‘what’s the worst that can happen? If I hate it I can dye it again!

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult?

I honestly think that I, like all of the ladies who have embraced their natural silver hair, look so much better than when it was dyed. I believe Mother Nature rarely gets it wrong and our silver hair complements our colouring and really makes us shine. The most difficult thing is that your hair becomes a talking point…both in a positive way and a negative way. People seem to think they can offer opinions and suggestions, outright saying they don’t like it or you should dye it again. That’s hard!

What would you like other women to know?

You will have good days and bad days on your silver hair journey. You will discover so much more about yourself than just your silver hair. Look for support from friends and family and online. The #silversisters community on Instagram is inspirational, supportive, and uplifting and, on my doubting days, those lovely ladies have been there to lift me. What’s the worst that can happen? You hate it and dye it back!

Tina Clark

Living life in black and white which always equals gray! After embracing her natural color, Tina also decided to go back to her natural curly hair, making the most of her natural hair texture too. It was a process of patience, humility and internal growth as the early (not-so-cute) stages challenged many beliefs she held about beauty and aging. But doesn’t she look amazing with silver locks!

She now believes that beauty is much more than skin deep! Beauty is truly a woman who unapologetically owns herself at every age! If you’re alive, you’re aging. She is owning and choosing habits that make her look and feel as vibrant as she is!

When did you stop dying your hair and why then? 

I was tired of chasing my gray roots. As soon as I dyed my new growth, within days, those pesky whites were shining through again. Coloring every two weeks became such a waste of time, especially because it didn’t last! Curious how my natural color would look, I stopped dying. Seeing that new growth was very difficult for me – I was so conditioned to covering it. I tried many times to ‘blend’ the new growth with the dyed hair, but that only resulted in starting over – several times. Finally, I went cold turkey in 2017 and just let it grow. No regrets!

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult?

The best thing about embracing my natural color has been self-acceptance and realizing that I actually liked my color as is! I believe we’re conditioned to believe certain rules about beauty and aging that only serve to profit off of a woman’s insecurity – looking a certain way to fit in! The most difficult part of choosing to embrace my natural color was mentally working through my beliefs of what others may think of me – I didn’t want anyone to think I let myself go – and, mentally working through my thoughts of what I once believed about aging and gray hair. I now know Gray is a color, not an age!

What would you like other women to know? 

You are already beautiful, just as you are! Embrace any activity that lights you up, and do that!! Do it in abundance, because of how you feel doing it, not out of a necessity to be accepted. Accept yourself as you are – you’re already beautifully and uniquely you – and that’s just perfect!!

Heren Mercedes

Heren Mercedes is a silver lady who grew up in the Bronx, NY. After a long internal battle with herself and her hair, she embraced her natural grey hair at the age of 39. But the way she went about it did not work for her. A colorist agreed to turn her box died black hair into grey to match her roots and everything backfired.

Her hair was damaged. She had to chop it off. She then had to deal with the loss of her hair and the process of being silver all at the same time. Those months were traumatic but have proven to be worth it. Because her silver curls are now a show stopper.

When did you stop dying your hair and why then?

Summer of 2019. One day I just woke up and told myself that it was time. Time for my freedom!

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult?

The best thing is that my curls are healthier and tighter. The most difficult is that my crown needs more love and attention since the texture is different from the rest. In terms of self-esteem, once my hair grew, I don’t have issues with the silver. I just love it. People stop to watch the show when I walk.

What would you like other women to know?

Embracing silver hair is the most difficult thing to do and this is due to the stigma that surrounds this. Do not beat yourself up if you are not ready. When the time comes and you feel ready mentally and emotionally, you will enjoy it to the fullest. For now, just keep living!


silver hair

This silver lady is determined to positively embrace her silver journey with gusto and utter joy. There is no turning back. It’s all or nothing.

When did you stop dying your hair and why then?

October 8, 2019. You come to the point of “enough is enough”. The dyed silver hair is in style. This is my time. I am pretty sure I will be at least 80% white hair so this is my opportunity to let it grow out. I did this since I was a young girl. I had to cover my roots every 2 weeks. The curse of fast-growing hair was working against me and I was tired of fighting the current. My time to go with the flow is now and I am turning 50 so it is the perfect way to celebrate.

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult?

The best part is the whole Chalupa! The journey, the silver community support, my friends and family. Honestly, the most difficult was the start. We all seem to want to make it grey first. The trials and errors to get there proved to me that to let it go is the best freedom and worry-free approach to this.

What would you like other women to know?

You have to be mentally ready. Do your research. DON’T EVER ask for permission because a lot of time, you won’t like the answer. Find your inspo and make that your target and run headfirst (haha on pun intended). Find support around you. Silversisters community on INSTA will help keep you on track. Guess what, if you hate it, aisle 4 is packed and stocked for you to go back. I for one am not gonna judge ya.

Nathalie Lejour

A true free spirit, Nathalie refuses the dictates of a conformist society that suffocates women. Political correctness is not one of her values. She prefers to highlight and enhance everyone’s freedom to be. In particular, women aged 50 and over.

A silver model in Montreal, she defends a sustainable lifestyle, inclusive and respectful of Planet Earth. She is passionate about holistic therapy and mental and physical health are close to her heart. She loves life!

When did you stop dying your hair and why then?

I stopped dying my hair in 2013 following breast and nodes cancer.

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult?

The best!! A new and precious freedom! The most difficult? The first months because I thought that I was too young to have grey hair.

What would you like other women to know? 

Be free and daring. Respect your needs! Not those of others! Dare to be yourself!

Annie Moore

Originally having dark brown hair, Annie found her first gray hairs in her teens. She dyed her hair for 43 years, gradually lightening it to blonde to better blend the silvers. Latterly the silver roots were showing after 10 days of dyeing and needed to be touched up every 2 or 3 weeks. She’d assumed that she’d dye her hair forever and had no intention of embracing her silver.

Then she started to see the odd image of gorgeous silver-haired women on Pinterest, and the seed was planted. In March 2019 she decided to ditch the dye, got her hair bleached to a very light blonde to blend, and started to transition. It took 20 months from start to finish, and she loves her silver hair and is only sorry she waited so long.

When did you stop dying your hair and why then?

March 2019. I am not sure why then. I just decided I’d had enough.

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult?

The best… take your pick…loving the color, and feeling that I suit it. Better hair condition. Not having to dye every 3 weeks. Not having white roots peeping through 10 days after dyeing. No negatives really. If pushed I’d say that the transition period can be a bit challenging, although mine was okay.

What would you like other women to know? 

It’s not as scary as it may seem, and you won’t necessarily look older, drab, and dowdy. Your fears may be just that….fears!


Fransje is an all-round communication specialist. She likes to work in the field where creative design and business strategy come together. Her characteristics: driven, passionate and caring. With her “Cruella de Vil” hairstyle, Fransje inspires women on her Instagram account

Here it’s all about her journey to grey hair, celebrating aging and challenging the mainstream beauty standards for women of a certain age. Fransje was featured as a grey hair influencer by Argentinian Elle Magazine (Sept 2020). Fransje: “The cliché that gray hair is considered old-fashioned is finally turning over. Partly thanks to social media!”

When did you stop dying your hair and why then?

For a long time, the routine of covering the process of aging was keeping me busy. I pulled my first gray hair when I was 17. I started experimenting with dye just for fun, and later to cover the grays. In recent years, I developed an aversion to the chemical mud. My outgrowth was beautiful silvery, and weird but true: I started to feel a bit guilty when a tub of dye went over it. Luckily, I had great support from my husband and kids, so in early 2020 I decided to give my grays a chance. To keep family and friends informed, I decided to share my journey on Instagram.

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult? 

Embracing your natural hair colour is a decision that is coming from the inside when you are ready for it. You have to get out of your comfort zone. I enjoy the feeling of strength and liberation it gives me: being grateful, embrace imperfections, stop caring what other people think. The most difficult thing: only the first three months, when there is still little outgrowth. In the beginning, I was therefore very busy with hair bands and hats.

What would you like other women to know?

Being gray is not “the end”. You can still be beautiful, sexy, and even look younger and fresh-faced with gray hair. I have never received so many compliments on my hair and my appearance from men and women as I do now. Social media is a big help to get inspired. Just follow women who enthusiastically share topics in the field of fashion and beauty. It creates a positive feeling and inspires you to get the best out of yourself.

Ginger DiBernardo

Ginger DiBernardo is a 52-year old lover of life. She’s passionate about inspiring older women to find themselves again and to love themselves exactly as they are so they can live a full and more joyful life. Another passion of hers is helping women enhance their natural beauty by using beauty products that are free from harmful chemicals.

This is where her silver journey started. After researching and learning about harmful chemicals in beauty, haircare, and skincare products she knew it was time to make a change. Since then she’s been helping others do the same. You can also follow her on Facebook and Youtube.

When did you stop dying your hair and why then?

March 2018. My hair stylist said, “You’re wasting your money and my time”. I had a mix of dirty blonde and silver. She said that ladies were laying good money for MY silver. AND we discussed my concern for chemicals. She knew I had switched up my skincare and makeup to avoid harmful chemicals. Knowing it was best – that day we only did a trim.

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult? 

The best thing about embracing my natural color is that my hair is shinier & healthier than it has ever been. I also have extra money to spend on clothing & shoes. Ha! The most difficult was the waiting AND the back of my hair is still a dirty blonde. I’m all Silver in the front, then there’s the dark back with “sparkles” of silver.

What would you like other women to know?

Make yourself a priority and ditch the dye. The chemicals are very bad for you in many ways. You won’t regret it – Promise!!

Mia Falgiano Lundgren

Mia Falgiano Lundgren is an entrepreneur, inventor, and lover of life. She has 4 amazing humans who call her mom. She’s an original homeschool mama with one left to graduate. Her true passion is helping others and dancing.

Owning her own business has always been a dream of hers, and this year she made that dream a reality when she recently launched her first product on her new online store, Silver Sisters Studio, the merch line specifically serving the Silver Sister community. She’s thrilled to be collectively giving back as proceeds from the store support two organizations for children.

When did you stop dying your hair and why then?

In February of 2020, I was at the beauty supply store, as usual, buying my own color and a thought came to me to buy a bit more, “In case they close stores for a bit and I’d be left without.” They did just that but I had my stash so I didn’t think twice about it. People started making silly challenges online and I posted one talking about needing to wash my hair as I had been only using dry shampoo for a long stretch. In that photo, you clearly get a shot of my white roots, and the comments flooded in asking If I was going to grow out my silver or telling me I should. My kids all agreed. Well, that’s all fine and dandy for them but the thought NEVER crossed MY mind.

I kept my hair in a messy bun as I pondered this craziness and self-reflected on what I actually thought about the idea. I was intrigued, as a hairdresser, this literally NEVER crossed my mind. I color hair all day long. But I soon became fascinated by the beautiful white streak I never knew I had. I have always admired the rare sighting of a full head of silver hair and thought it would be neat if mine did the same, but how would I ever know if I kept coloring it. I hopped online to see if anyone else was embracing this idea and was shocked at the age range of Silver Sisters on this same journey. Knowing the value of documentation, I created my IG page to capture the journey, all of it, the good, bad, and mighty frizzy phases I went through.

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult?

The best thing so far I’d say is not being afraid of a windy day (if ya know, ya know)! I’d have to say our strong supportive sisterhood, it’s like no other. We connect on so many levels, and it all started with the color of our hair. The most difficult is that it’s ever-changing. First, it’s a huge mind game. Then, my curl pattern was on protest and as a naturally curly girl, I freaked out thinking I was going to lose my curls. Then the glorious silver FRIZZ, like it had something to prove from being colored for so long. I fought that one for a while and finally won with amazing products. Let’s not forget embracing my new look is quite the adjustment. I’m thankful it took over a year to slowly grow on me, but I still have my days.

What would you like other women to know?

There are many reasons and ways one chooses to ditch the dye. Women may embrace their silver forever or for a season. We don’t judge just as we don’t want to be judged for our choice. It’s not for everyone, but it deserves an equal place in the color lineup you get to choose for your own hair. If you are considering embracing your God-given silvers, I’m here to cheer and encourage you on your journey. My saying is this, “It’s a personal development journey sprinkled with silver strands.

Nelletje Samseer

Nelletje is about “unapologetically aging.” She loves empowered and strong women of all ages, and loves to empower other women too.

When did you stop dying your hair and why then?

I stopped dying my hair when I turned 40, which is now 2 years ago. I was so done with hiding, done with being scared what other people would think or worse what they would say if my grays were showing. Ready to show me, the real me.

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult? 

The most beautiful thing when I stopped dying my hair is the start of loving and embracing myself. But like full throttle, the sky is the limit. I said yes to myself without knowing there was so much I hadn’t said yes to all my life. Self-love exploded and life became better, in so many ways.

What would you like other women to know?

Don’t force anything you are not ready for. Things take time and sometimes multiple attempts. Be kind to yourself girls, you are all worth it. It will make your look at life and yourself so much more friendly.

Anita Roberson

Anita is 58 and passionate about pro-aging, health, fitness, and nutrition. Although she has had many jobs, even as a CEO of a defense contracting business, she considers her greatest achievements to have been a mother of 5 children. She enjoys the beach, mountains, sunsets, decorating, and time with her 7 grandchildren and family.

When did you stop dying your hair and why then?

My last hair dye was in December of 2019. I had to reschedule my following 6-week touch-up appointment and then Covid hit. I had really light silver roots that my hairdresser was always trying to match, but nothing ever did. By March I had about 1 1/2 inches of silver growth and at that time I decided to ditch the dye and see what happened. As time went by and the silver became more noticeable I was really starting to like it. In July 2020 I was browsing through Instagram and discovered the silver sisters community. I immediately made my page @silverhairloveaffair and the support that I received was amazing. I have never looked back and after 21 months of being dye-free, I am very happy with my silver hair!

What has been the best thing about embracing your natural colour – and the most difficult?

The best thing about embracing my silver hair is the confidence I’ve gained. Facing friends, family members, and even strangers can be nerve-wracking when growing out your silver hair. Most people still have the old adage that gray hair makes you look older and frumpy, but that is so far from the truth. So, to face people every day, some who may not like your hair, actually just makes you stronger, more confident, and empowered. The most difficult thing has been having patience. Hair takes a long time to grow, and mine has been at a rate of about a 1/2 inch every 6 weeks, during that time you are walking around with two-toned hair and a demarcation line which is not the most attractive look!

What would you like other women to know?

I would like other women to know that ditching the dye will be hard at first, not everyone is going to like your silver hair or agree with your decision. It will take a lot of courage and strength, but if you persevere and stay the course your rewards will be great. You will have confidence and freedom like you’ve never known!

We hope you enjoyed getting to know these beautiful Silver Ladies. It’s clear that the decision to embrace natural gray locks is a very personal one. And each woman’s experience is different. But we can see that all different colors of gray, silver or white hair work. All hair styles work too. You can go for short gray hair, a pixie cut, shoulder length or long hair. There are lots of trendy short grey hairstyles out there, for example, to inspire you. Fine hair can work just as well as thick. Curly hair or straight. It all works.

Gray highlights could be a great way to help you transition fully. With a beautiful hairstyle you can make the very most of your splendid silver. And ultimately, if you let your hair color change as it naturally does, it’s more likely to match your skin tone as you age. It’s great to see that even Jane Fonda has finally embraced her natural gray color. And doesn’t she look wonderful!  Helen Mirren and Andie Macdowell are also great Silver Sister role models. 

It all comes down to personal preference but we hope these gorgeous Silver Sisters have inspired you! Be sure to follow them on Instagram for regular doses of inspiration.

If you’d like more inspiration about how to age authentically and powerfully, have a look round this site or hop on over to our sister site That’s also where you’ll find lots of resources to inspire your next chapter!

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