Ancient Greece – antiquities and more

A virtual tour of ancient Greece – spectacular ruins and mythical tales.

Recent history in Greece has revolved around economic crisis and refugee influx. They’ve been having a tough time! Ancient Greece was at times no less turbulent!

Travelling there, it’s the ancient beauty of the country that comes to the fore, not to mention the gorgeous blue skies and seas. After all, Greece was the crucible of civilisation, democracy, theatre, philosophy – the very birthplace of the Western world.

This virtual tour starts in Athens at the Parthenon, dominated by the incredible Acropolis  and then travels to Delphi, where mortals, via the ‘oracle’ communicated with the god Apollo. Then we visit ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games and Mycenae the ancient home of Agamemnon who united the Greeks.

Our last ancient site is Epidaurus, the greatest healing centre and finest theatre, with the most amazing acoustics, in the ancient world.

The tour also visits the charming coastal town of Nafplion and the beautiful  island of Spetses.  We cross the Charilaos Trekoupis Bridge linking the Peloponnese to mainland Greece and the Corinth Canal which made the former peninsula a true island.

Enjoy our virtual tour!

If you’d like to do this tour in real life see Riviera.



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Ancient Greece