Beach body ready? Who cares?

Beach body ready

 By MC Staff.

Beach body ready? WTF does that mean?

Is it body positive or body shaming? A 2015 London Underground advertising campaign caused uproar when women resented the implication that if they didn’t look like the lady above ….

…they weren’t beach body ready!  So no sunbathing or swimming for rather a lot of us then!

Many saw it as example of ‘body shaming’ and it certainly caused a lot of debate. The model herself was even criticised for endorsing a whey protein weight-loss product when she herself is vegan. Meanwhile Juliette Barton signed a petition against the ads and her accompanying comment “I spent my life feeling I wasn’t good enough” was published on Twitter.  The company behind the ad, Protein World, responded  with “Why make your insecurities our problem ;)” Nice.

But many got creative:

beach body ready


beach body ready


Yellow certainly got a big look-in!

We have to admit we liked this approach to the whole beach body ready debate the best!

beach body ready
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