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Do you fancy an adventure? Would you like to completely change your life, or just a little bit of it? Do you want to travel but have no one to go with? Listen to our very best adventure podcasts and be inspired that anything is possible!

Adventure podcasts

Choosing to live in the Arctic with Laura Galloway

Laura Galloway is the author of Dalvi: Six Years in the Arctic Tundra. She’s began her career at the Los Angeles Times and holds a Master of Arts in Indigenous Journalism from the Sámi University in Kautokeino, Norway. She fell in love with a reindeer herder and moved across the world to be with him! I read about her in a magazine and just knew I had to invite her onto the podcast. Her book is gorgeous. This podcast will inspire you to believe you can completely change your life and your location.

How to travel solo with Deborah Ives 

Deborah Ives is the solo traveller behind the travel blog, Solo in Style. She’s passionate about helping women, particularly in midlife and beyond, travel solo. She’s determined to show women there’s no need to be scared of solo travel and she has loads of great tips to share. 

The joy of adventure with Alice Morrison

Alice Morrison is a true adventurer. She’s the Indiana Jones for girls. She’s done so many things that would test anyone’s endurance. The Marathon des Sables, the Tour d’Afrique, she was the first woman to walk the full length of the Draa River in Morocco where she lives. She’s trekked through the Sahara and completed the Everest Trail Race. She’s written several books, and the most recent is Walking With Nomads. If you’ve ever wanted to go on a big adventure, this interview is for you!

Alcoholism and hiking the PCT with Person Irresponsible

Person Irresponsible is the incognito author of Everything You Ever Taught Me, about her solo trek along the Pacific Crest Trail from Mexico to Canada and her experience of being an alcoholic. This is a hilarious and very inspiring interview, with incredible vulnerability, wit and wisdom from PI. This amazing woman walked 2,650 miles, carried everything she needed on her back and did 70% of the trek alone.

Living the dream in the desert with Sam Walker

Meet Sam Walker, host of the fabulous Sam Walker’s Desert Diaries podcast, which she started to document her move from Manchester, UK to Phoenix, Arizona, with her family in tow. Sam is a master storyteller, an award-winning radio and TV broadcaster, a multiple podcast producer and presenter, a writer with a book being published next year and a woman who’s encountered coyotes, snakes and scorpions in the desert. She’ll inspire you to dream way outside your comfort zone!

The joy of walking cities with Lisa Weldon

Lisa Weldon is a writer who’s created a fascinating life for herself in her next chapter, by walking cities! There’s so much more to see when you take the time to walk and watch the world go by. Listen to hear which cities are the best for walking and what Lisa has discovered about the world.

Sailing the world and smashing boundaries with Tracy Edwards

I was so excited to interview round the world sailor Tracy Edwards MBE, who captained the first all-female yacht crew in the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989, coming second in their class. She’s now also a social activist, running The Maiden Factor Foundation to raise awareness and improve education for girls around the world. An incredible adventurer!

Just doing it and living the dream with Jo Moseley

Jo completed a North of England coast-to-coast stand-up paddleboard challenge, becoming the first woman ever to do this at the tender age of 54. She needed resilience, stamina and determination. And lots of self belief that she had to teach herself after a difficult menopause transition. Listen and be inspired that you too can have big adventures on your doorstep with a little creativity. 

Walking the world with Melissa Talago

In this episode I talk to Melissa Talago, brand storyteller and public relations wiz about her marvelous midlife adventure, setting up Glamoraks, an online community for women who love to walk. Did you know how brilliant walking is as a form of exercise, and also for our mental health? And we’re more creative when we walk too. Listen in to learn more. 

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