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There are now lots of books out there about menopause. Everyone seems to have been writing about menopause over the last couple of years! There are memoirs, self-help books, medical treatises, encyclopedic publications and books that don’t quite fit any of those descriptions! I’ve read lots on this topic over the years and here are some of the best books about menopause that I have discovered.

When I first became interested in learning about menopause, I was so frustrated by the overwhelming negativity of the books I encountered and the lack of holistic approach taken by many writers, that I wrote my own book! Cheeky I know to start with mine! But… I couldn’t find a book that covered everything I was looking for: menopause, ageing well, self development in midlife and beyond, and challenging all the negative narratives about women and age. Because I believe these are all inter-linked. So I wrote one!

I unpick the accepted status quo and negative stereotypes associated with women’s midlife and aging. The book presents a radical research-based rebranding of midlife and menopause, highlighting the possibilities inherent in this transformational time in a woman’s life.

Far from menopause being the beginning of the end, I believe it can be an exciting catalyst for a more fulfilling next chapter. In this fresh approach to midlife, menopause, and aging, the reader is empowered and provided with resources to get the messy stuff sorted; then guided through a step-by-step blueprint to create a truly magnificent midlife—and beyond. Enjoy!

The Happy Menopause

This practical nutrition and lifestyle guide provides women with the tools to build their own menopause diet which specifically targets the symptoms that are relevant to them. There are so many ways that nutrition can support a healthy and happy menopause, but a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work. Listen to author Jackie Lynch on my podcast here.

Flash Count Diary

Flash Count Diary is a powerful exploration into aspects of menopause that have rarely been written about, including the changing gender landscape that reduced levels of hormones brings, the actualities of transforming desires, and the realities of prejudice against older women. Listen to author Darcey Steinke on my podcast here.

The Shift

Including chapters on menopause, sex, culture, work, rage and freedom, writer and journalist Sam Baker shares her experiences of life post 40 and shows women how to create their own story. This needn’t herald the era of loose clothing and hair dye; or hot flashes and bad sleep (though there is that too). A very personal book about menopause.

Grow Your Own HRT

Grow Your Own HRT shows the scientific proof of why some women go through menopause without a problem and how you can become one of them. I love this book for demonstrating just how easy it can be to take care of ourselves during the menopause transition if you just have the right information.

Beating Brain Fog

Brain fog can be one of the early and alarming symptoms of menopause. This book guides us through the science to show how our brains work, and why we might experience confusion and anxiety, especially during the menopause transition. She offers tools to help you identify your own cognitive profile, determining the causes of your specific symptoms, and explains the simple strategies that can help you feel like yourself again.

Confessions Of A Menopausal Woman

This is the book about menopause that Andrea McLean wished for as she found herself in uncharted territory,  grappling with the physical aftershock of a hysterectomy  and the psychological fallout of a difficult transition. It was one of the early menopause memoirs and struck a chord with many women.

The Complete Guide To The Menopause

Dr Annice Mukherjee went through the menopause at just 41 following a breast cancer diagnosis, and she is also a top UK hormone specialist with nearly 30 years of experience. In this book she combines her medical expertise and personal experience to develop an essential menopause toolkit offering balanced, practical and comprehensive advice designed for our modern world. A useful counter to the many menopause books that take an HRT or bust approach.

Second Spring: The Self-Care Guide To Menopause

Such a delight to find a book that takes such a positive and transformational approach to menopause – both the physical and more importantly, the emotional and spiritual aspects of the change. With wit and wisdom Kate leads you by the hand to sort out the messy stuff and discover the deep and beautiful gifts of your Second Spring. It’s a book about discovering and surrender, to enable a more powerful and authentic you to emerge. Highly recommended for all women. Listen to Kate on the Magnificent Midlife podcast here.

Hagitude: Reimagining The Second Half Of Life

Rich with the combination of myth, landscape and eco-feminism of her earlier work If Women Rose RootedHagitude reclaims the mid years as a liberating, alchemical moment – from which to shift into your chosen, authentic and fulfilling future. Drawing inspiration from mythic figures and archetypes ranging from the Wise Woman and the Creatrix to the Henwife and the Trickster, as well as modern mentors, Sharon Blackie radically rewrites the future for women in their mid and elder years. I loved this fresh approach to getting older.

The Menopause Manifesto: Own Your Health With Facts And Feminism

In The Menopause Manifesto internationally renowned, New York Times bestselling author Dr Jen Gunter brings you empowerment through knowledge by countering stubborn myths and misunderstandings about menopause with hard facts, real science, fascinating historical perspective and expert advice.

Midlife Women Rock: A Menopause Story For A New Generation

Midlife Women Rock emerges from three years of researching the puzzle that is menopause, a highly significant transition in every woman’s life. This menopause book provides a comprehensive educational guide for all navigating this stage of life. It is also a manifesto for change, challenging outdated stereotypes and opening the possibility for a new story around menopause. Listen to Breeda Bermingham on the Magnificent Midlife podcast here.

The Potent Power Of Menopause: A Culturally Diverse Perspective Of Feminine Transformation

The Potent Power of Menopause is an open and honest, frank and insightful anthology by 10 women and 1 man from various countries, cultures and faiths around the world – and has the addition of humour which the world has come to enjoy and expect from the books published by Dawn Publishing on the subjects that matter. Listen to one of the authors, Clarissa Kristjansson on the Magnificent Midlife podcast here.

Wise Power: Discover The Liberating Power Of Menopause To Awaken Authority, Purpose And Belonging

Wise Power is a new story of menopause – illuminating its power and potential. Pioneers of the menstruality revolution and the founders of Red School, Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer explain how to embrace menopause as a sacred rite of passage, an initiation that grows your authority, steeps you in purpose and awakens you to great power and wisdom. Listen to the authors on my podcast here.

The Natural Menopause Method: A Nutritional Guide To Perimenopause And Beyond

The Natural Menopause Method is a nutritional guide to address these and many other common menopause symptoms; helping readers to navigate the biological and social challenges of midlife through the healing lens of food. Exploring topics from HRT to tackling hot flushes as well as self-help and lifestyle tips, this book provides practical advice on recognising and troubleshooting symptoms in order to understand what foods and supplements can really work for us. Listen to author Karen Newby on my podcast here.

The Upgrade: How the Female Brain Gets Stronger And Better In Midlife And Beyond

Bestselling author and clinical professor of psychiatry Dr Louann Brizendine dives deep into how the female brain changes for the better during midlife and debunks myths and misinformation to create a revolutionary new framework for this life stage. Packed full of real-life examples, accessible scientific studies and practical advice, The Upgrade shows you how to unlock power, clarity and a profound sense of purpose. Listen to Breeda Bermingham on the Magnificent Midlife podcast here.

The Wiser Woman’s Guide to Perimenopause and Menopause

Award-winning author and transformative coach Tania Elfersy shares how she witnessed all her physical and emotional perimenopause symptoms disappear within days of a profound insight. Since then, Tania has been helping other women reach freedom from night sweats and hot flashes, anxiety and mood swings, insomnia and fatigue, and more — simply and naturally. Listen to Tania Elfersy on the Magnificent Midlife podcast here.

The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause

The Slow Moon Climbs casts menopause in the positive light it deserves-as an essential juncture and a key factor in human flourishing.

Rachel Lankester is the founder of Magnificent Midlife, author, host of the Magnificent Midlife Podcast, a midlife mentor and editor of the Mutton Club online magazine. After an initially devastating early menopause at 41, she dedicated herself to helping women vibrantly transition through the sometimes messy middle of life, helping them cope better with menopause and ageing in general, and create magnificent next chapters. She’s been featured in/on BBC Woman’s Hour, The Huffington Post, The Sunday Times, Thrive Global, Authority Magazine, The Age Buster, Woman’s Weekly, Prima Magazine, eShe, Tatler HK and Woman’s Own amongst others. She believes we just get better with age. Get her book Magnificent Midlife: Transform Your Middle Years, Menopause and Beyond which was recommended in the New York Times.

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