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Health and wellness are crucial at any stage of life, but especially in midlife when past behavior can start catching up with us. But it’s never too late to get healthier and midlife is the perfect time to make up for lost time! Here are some of our best health and wellness podcasts to help you get in tip top shape now and into the future.

Best Health And Wellness Podcasts

Healing yourself through nutrition with Louise Carr

Good health starts with what we eat. Meet Louise Carr who healed her own midlife trauma through retraining as a nutrition consultant. She has a fascinating story to tell about how to improve our health through nutrition, but also how health issues can be changed by eliminating trauma from our lives. All driven by her own experience. Listen in for so much value about how to accept our issues, deal with them and thrive beyond them.

Living well with osteoarthritis with Dr Alyssa Kuhn

The need for good bone health really starts to become apparent in midlife. Dr. Alyssa Kuhn is a physical therapist and osteoarthritis specialist, and founder of Keep the Adventure Alive. She specializes in osteoarthritis treatment because she found people were getting premature surgeries and ending up with life-changing pain in their 40s and 50s because of this condition. She says this can be prevented when you know what options you have and other ways you can find pain relief, aside from surgery.

Emotional eating and drinking with Vicky Midwood

Sometimes our relationship with what we eat and drink can be less than healthy. Vicky Midwood is a health, nutrition and lifestyle coach who specializes in helping people with disordered eating or drinking. I know this is an issue for many women, especially as a coping mechanism in midlife, so I’m delighted to share Vicky’s wisdom and experience on tackling this.

How to keep your brain healthy with Susan Saunders

Susan Saunders knows so much about how we can age well. She’s the co-author of the best-selling book, The Age-Well Project, and author of The Age-Well Plan, a blueprint for how to age well. In this episode we talk specifically about what we can do to promote our brain health, so important as the incidence of dementia in later life, especially for women, continues to increase. Susan has the Alzheimer’s gene and has researched everything available to give herself the very best chance of not succumbing to the disease.

Staying fit and healthy through menopause with Tania Dalton

Menopause was at first difficult but ultimately empowering for Tania Dalton, a healthy aging coach and fitness trainer who’s passionate about redefining age. She’s wants to share the importance of staying fit and healthy to help our menopause transition. Tania has a massive following on Instagram, is incredibly inspiring and I knew I just had to share her wonderfulness with you.

How to do a midlife refuel with Maryon Stewart

When we get to midlife, we’ve often been running on empty for years, looking after everyone else and not paying much attention to our own health. Then we get into trouble in menopause. We need a refuel! Maryon Stewart is known as the pioneer of the natural menopause movement. She created a non-drug but scientifically based program to overcome issues associated with menopause and has helped thousands of women. She’s made it her mission to ensure women have all the information they need to manage menopause effectively without the need for medication in most instances.

Getting real about long-term health with Sam Palmer

When we get to midlife we need to invest more time and effort into our long-term health. Exercise helps massively especially during the menopause transition. Sam Palmer is a menopause fitness expert. She’s passionate about getting women in their best shape so they can thrive through menopause and beyond. She’s a qualified nurse, teacher, fitness instructor and menopause coach.

Staying fit and healthy long term with Lisa Swanson

We know exercise is important for health and wellness. But what exactly helps for the best chance of us achieving good health in midlife and long term. Lisa Swanson is a certified health and nutrition coach, and personal trainer. She’s focused on helping women in midlife and beyond get and stay healthy long term. There are lots of tips here for what we need to stay healthy.

Giggling about incontinence with Elaine Miller, Gusset Grippers

Last but by no means least a bit about our pelvic health! Because that’s as important as everywhere else! Elaine Miller is a pelvic health physiotherapist and stand up comedian. She’s on a mission to end incontinence through raising awareness, and laughing a lot along the way. And a stronger pelvic floor means better orgasms! What’s not to like!

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Best Health And Wellness Podcasts

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