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Do you want a different life? Are you following your passion and purpose? Do you know what’s going to fill you with excitement when you get up each morning? Listen to our fabulous guests who’ve followed their dreams, and be inspired that anything is (still) possible. You can still find your passion and purpose – even if you’re not sure what those might be!

How to find your passion and purpose

Living the dream in the desert with Sam Walker

Meet Sam Walker, host of the fabulous Sam Walker’s Desert Diaries podcast, which she started to document her move from Manchester, UK to Phoenix, Arizona. Sam is a master storyteller, an award-winning radio and TV broadcaster, a multiple podcast producer and presenter, a writer with a book being published next year and a woman who’s encountered coyotes, snakes and scorpions in the desert. Since we recorded this she won three (yes three) awards at the British Podcast awards!

Creating the Feminista Film Festival with Laurie Mucha

An interview with Laurie Mucha, the charming founder of the Feminista Film Festival. Laurie shares all about how she came to set up her own film festival and the lessons she’s learnt. She’s created something amazing out of nothing! She followed her dream and now lives her passion!

Making the most of your heart beats with Julie Owen Moylan

I interview Julie Owen Moylan, author of That Green-Eyed Girl – before she even had a publishing deal! We talk about all things writing, inspiration, and finding one’s authentic voice. There’s lots of laughter here. Julie followed her dream even when it seemed impossible!

Leaving medicine for yoga with Nadine Kelly, Yogi M.D.

Nadine Kelly was a medical doctor for many years but gave it up to become a yoga instructor.  She has a fascinating story to tell about why she did that and how she lives her life now. Her passion certainly became her purpose.

Finding your true voice with Hattie Voelcker

Hattie Voelcker went from being a barrister to retraining as a performance coach, working particularly with singers. That change was partly driven by ill health, but was also her passion and has become her purpose. She’s so wise and inspiring! And great fun too.

Reinvention through acupuncture with Elizabeth Temperley-Shell

Meet the very lovely and straight-forward Elizabeth Temperley-Shell who went from working in corporate design to retraining as an acupuncturist, inspired by her journey through infertility. Anything is possible if you want it enough.

Making a difference in the world with Alisoun Mackenzie

Meet Alisoun Mackenzie, coach, author, retreat leader, yoga teacher and speaker amongst other things. She’s passionate about enabling all of us to make more of a difference in the world. But t

Becoming the singing gynecologist with Dr Kristina Dervaitis

Have you ever wanted to do something completely different to what you actually do? My guest Dr Kristina Dervaitis is an obstetrician and gynecologist who has reinvented herself as a singer/songwriter and released a beautiful new album. Now she does both her passions and has modified her life to make that work. She’s battled with imposter syndrome and gone ahead with her dreams, and the result is sublime. We talk about her dramatic midlife reinvention.

Embracing silver hair and a new career with Rachel Peru 

Meet the very lovely Rachel Peru who went from nursery school teacher to successful curve and silver-haired model in her 40s. Rachel’s waving the flag for older, more diverse women in the media. She’s going from strength to strength since embracing her authentic self and stepping forward to shine.

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How to find your passion and purpose

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