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Relationships are often a topic on the Magnificent Midlife podcast, because we could probably all use a little help in that area. It could be your significant other, a parent, family member, someone you’d rather not have to interact with, moving on after a relationship has broken down or finding the love of your life! Here are our best relationship podcasts. Enjoy!

Relationship podcasts

Protecting your relationship under stress with Nicola Foster

An extremely helpful and empowering interview with Nicola Foster, relationship and intimacy therapist and coach. Nicola has created a Relationship Survival Guide for Lovers in Lockdown. I thought here was a woman I just had to get on the podcast! Even the best of relationships have been under strain in the crazy condition of the pandemic. There is lots of great advice here and you’ll find a link to the guide below.

How to find your soul mate with Katie Philips

Do you dream of finding your soul mate? Do you think it will be just too difficult in midlife? Listen in to Katie Philips to find out how to call in your person. Katie is the founder of The School of Self Love. She’s a Women’s Empowerment Coach, Love & Dating Mentor and author of ‘The Self Love Affair – A Woman’s Guide To A Daring & Mighty Life’. Her passion and expertise is inspiring midlifers that they can create a life they love and call in the love of their life without burn-out or guilt!

How to have great midlife sex with Dr Sonia Wright

Meet Dr Sonia Wright, the Midlife Sex Coach. She’s also a medical doctor, radiologist and life coach, and tremendous fun. This is a brilliant interview all about midlife sex. If you have any issues at all, even tiny ones, in this department, or just want to make your sex life even better, this interview will get you feeling inspired and empowered to take excellent care of yourself and your partner. Let’s all have more fun!

Learning to thrive after divorce with Tonya Carter

Tonya Carter is a Relationship Transformation Coach. She’s full of wisdom about relationships, coping through divorce and also just about who we are and can become as we go through life. She’s the author of “Divorce Your Story: A Woman’s Guide to ‎Heal & Thrive after Divorce” and she runs a 12-week Program called (T.H.R.I.V.E) that stretches ‎women to look within to awaken their voice, evolve relationally, and lead personally and ‎professionally in all areas of life.‎

Why women stay after betrayal with Anne Michaud

Anne Michaud is a veteran political journalist who reported for the Wall Street Journal and Newsday. She was named columnist of the year by the New York News Publishers Association. She recently published a new edition of her book Why They Stay: Sex scandals, deals, and hidden agendas of eight political wives. It’s a riveting read! It’s fascinating to explore the similarities and differences between how political wives behave and the rest of us!

Mothers, daughters, estrangement and healing with Laura Davis

Laura Davis is the author of 6 non-fiction books which have sold more than 1.8 million copies. She’s talking here mainly about her latest book, her first memoir: The Burning Light of Two Stars: A Mother-Daughter Story. I finished the book the day before recording, and was profoundly moved by it. I was also very tearful. I’m grateful to Laura for sharing her story and giving me the opportunity to read it. I recommend the book for all women as we’re all daughters. And many of us have people who we’d like to be closer to.

Help for toxic relationships with Dr Rhoberta Shaler

An empowering discussion with Dr Rhoberta Shaler, the relationship help expert. She helps people to recognize and recover from the toxic relationships that can make us crazy! Discover the best strategies to deal with any toxic relationships in your life. 

Caring for a loved one with dementia with Carolyn Birrell

Carolyn Birrell is the author of Walking with Fay, a moving book about her mother’s uncharted path into dementia. Carolyn’s writing began as a way to help her make sense of what was happening and quickly turned into the book she herself had needed, to provide relatable caregiving help. It’s a beautiful, empowering book.

Choosing to be brave with Alexandra Boyd

Meet Alexandra Boyd, a woman of many talents! She’s an actress, in Mr Holland’s Opus, Titanic, and Coronation Street to name just a very few, a screenwriter and film director, a video games icon, a singer, and a campaigner. She’s also been incredibly brave in her personal life, moving across the world for love!

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Relationship podcasts

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