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We’re huge fans of Dr Brené Brown‘s ground-breaking work on the power of vulnerability.  Brené is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work and has spent the last ten years researching vulnerability, courage, worthiness and shame. She’s written a number of best selling books all of which are recommended if you want to understand more about why you do what you do and why others react as they do.

Unlike so many ‘self-help’ books, hers are backed up by years of systematic research and hard data that supports her analysis and conclusions. She first came to the world’s attention in 2010 with this profound talk on vulnerability. It knocks on the head the idea that in vulnerability lies weakness, instead re-framing vulnerability as a position of strength. It’s an incredibly empowering video and has had nearly 20 million views!

Below are three of her books, all of which are worth a read. If you’ve only time for one, then read Daring Greatly as that’s where much of her research and ideas come together. These books could change your life – honest!  We think they are too valuable to miss.  If you are interested in the power that comes from being authentic in life, these will add grist to your mill!

Brené has also set up The Daring Way, a teaching and certification programme for caring professionals who want to facilitate her work on vulnerability, courage, shame and worthiness.

daring greatly


brene brown gifts of imperfection








Here is a link to Brené’s Daring Greatly leadership manifesto for ready reference!




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