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There are lots of magnificent women out there challenging the status quo and the negative stereotypes about becoming an older woman. You can find some really great blogs for women over 50, mostly written by individuals and a few by groups of women. There are blogs about fashion, lifestyle, health, nutrition, ageing well and everything in between.

blogs for women over 50

We’ve compiled this list of some of the very best English language blogs for women over 50. These women are well worth following through their blogs and social media presence. When compiling this list, we became very aware that all the women on it are white. We tried to find midlife women bloggers of other ethnicities as prolific as these women, but we failed to find any. If you know of one/some please get in touch!

Nikki Garnett – Midlife Chic

Nikki Garnett is an award-winning blogger writing about ageless style and the former editor of Selfridges magazine. She runs the blog Midlifechic which is a UK-style blog for women over 40 focusing on wearable fashion and family life. Midlifechic is for women over 40 who are getting their groove back. 

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Tania Dalton – Health Coaching

Tania Dalton is a 52-year-old Healthy Ageing Coach and Personal Trainer who is also passionate about redefining age. Passionate about sharing her knowledge, ideas and philosophies with other people, Tania believes that ‘investing in your health is the most important investment you can make’. Her goal is to help empower other midlifers to fully enjoy their lives, love their bodies and be fit and healthy regardless of their age.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Suzi Grant – Alternative Ageing

Suzi Grant is a qualified nutritionist, broadcaster & author of three health books. Her most recent book, Alternative Ageing, provides sound advice on ageing healthily and naturally. She runs a blog that offers regular articles, recipes and inspiration for anyone who wants to be fit, funky and fabulous in their 60s and beyond! She’s a social media superstar and has been featured in lots of top magazines! Suzi was the first-ever guest on the Magnificent Midlife podcast!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Lorraine Ladish – Viva 50

Lorraine Ladish is the founder and CEO of Viva Fifty! a bilingual community that celebrates being 50+. She’s been an editor, writer, social media coordinator and is also a yoga teacher and Reiki Master. Her latest venture is The Flawed Yogini.

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Kathy Brown – Finding Kathy Brown

Kathy Brown is a digital creator who finds travel locations across the United States for fun getaways. Finding Kathy Brown was a midlife hobby that grew into her passion for connecting with like-minded travelers of all ages, but especially for midlife 50-plus women. She aspires to be a top over 50 travel & lifestyle blogger in the USA and beyond.

Website | Facebook

Prime Women – Online Magazine

Prime Women is an online magazine for women in their PRiME: Life, Fashion, Shopping, Health, Career. There is so much available on their website – it’s a real midlife treasure trove!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Youtube

Katy Kozee – Midlife Rambler

Katy Kozee is passionate about giving women over 40 everything they need to know to live their very best life. She decided to create Midlife Rambler, which focuses on fun stuff like recipes, style, fitness, hobbies and travel, but also talks about issues we’re all facing these days: hot flashes, children who are grown up or almost there, settling back into a smaller household, and trying to decide what you want to do with the rest of your life.

Website | Facebook | Youtube | Pinterest

Next Avenue – Online Magazine

Next Avenue is a nonprofit, digital journalism publication, part of PBS and public media’s first and only national (US) publication for older adults, dedicated to covering the issues that matter most as we age. It covers some really interesting stuff and serious issues for older adults.

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Walker Thornton – Ageing Unapologetically

Walker Thornton is an author and public speaker specializing in midlife sexuality, pro-ageing, sexual health & inspiring women over 50.

Website | Facebook | Pinterest | Twitter

Mary Dell Harrington and Lisa (Endlich) Heffernan – Grown and Flown

Mary Dell Harrington and Lisa (Endlich) Heffernan, co-founders of Grown and Flown, are writers (Lisa is a New York Times bestselling author), moms, wives and friends. In past incarnations, they have worked in television and media, on Wall Street and in politics. Although they live in New York, Mary Dell is from Texas and Lisa is from California. They have kids in college and young adults. Here’s everything you need to help in an empty nest.

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Catherine Summers – Not Dressed As Lamb

Catherine Summer is a very cool British style and wellness blogger who opposes the term “age-appropriate” and encourages the term “occasion appropriate” instead. She believes that women of all ages should wear things they like, what suits them, and what is appropriate to the occasion. She encourages women to be fabulous at any age! 

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Rachel Lankester – Magnificent Midlife and The Mutton Club

I couldn’t leave me out! I’m the editor of this e-zine and I also blog over at Magnificent Midlife. I’m on Instagram as Magnificent Midlife! I aim to change the world one magnificent midlife woman at a time, empowering your next chapter, disrupting ageism and changing outdated narratives. My IG feed is a mix of life, thoughts, inspiration, and the Magnificent Midlife Podcast. And of course I’ve also written a book – Magnificent Midlife: Transform Your Middle Years, Menopause and Beyond.

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