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You may not care at the moment about putting on any extra calories. You may not even be able to get your favourite Easter egg. But in case you’re interested perhaps for future reference, here’s how many calories in Easter eggs.

calories in Easter eggs

Calculator reveals it would take almost 2 hours of burpees to burn off the UK’s favourite Easter egg!

An online local services marketplace has revealed how many calories are in the nation’s favourite Easter eggs, and created a calculator that allows people to work out how much exercise it would take to burn the chocolate treats off via their preferred workout method.

A survey was commissioned of more than 1,500 chocoholics and discovered that the nation’s favourite Easter egg is Cadbury Crème Egg, followed by Mini Eggs and Dairy Milk.

The UK’s top 10 favourite Easter eggs and how many calories they contain* are as follows:

1)      Creme Egg (186g) – 922.68 calories – 31%

2)      Mini Eggs (187g) – 989.1 calories – 20%

3)      Dairy Milk (331g) – 1758.8 calories – 16%

4)      M&Ms (268g) – 1385.84 calories – 10%

5)      Smarties (122g) – 680 calories – 7%

6)      Oreo (278g) – 1528 calories – 6%

7)      Aero (235g) –1259.65 calories – 6%

8)      Thorntons (149g) – 806.09 calories – 2%

9)      KitKat (180g) – 943.92 calories – 1%

10)     Mars (331g) – 1623.84 calories – 1%

Qualified personal trainers were asked to work out how much exercise would need to be done to burn Easter egg calories off. To burn off the most popular choice, Cadbury Crème Egg, a person would have to do either 115 minutes of burpees, more than one hour of swimming or 161 minute’s worth of sit ups.

To use the online exercise calculator and see the full list of the UK’s 20 favourite Easter eggs click here.

The survey also found that 78% of people did not check the label to see how many calories Easter eggs contain, with 56% of these citing that “Easter is a time of indulgence”, as the main reason. A further 68% of people surveyed said they put their fitness and dieting regimes on hold over the Easter period.

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