Have you noticed how your hair is changing as well as everything else? And not necessarily for the better huh? Is it thinner than it used to be? Less shiny? More unmanageable?

Are you spotting the first grey hairs? Thick, strong and determined to get noticed right on your hairline? Do they come back even stronger if you pluck them away? Or are you already fighting a constant battle to cover-up those grey hairs. Or embracing the grey and keeping it natural?  Thank goodness it’s no longer fashionable to have a blue rinse!

Tips On Caring For Aging Hair

What can you do to slow change down a little or a lot? We consulted lovely London hairdresser, Lara Proni for some advice.

Lara always starts by asking coloring clients how often they are willing to come back to the salon. If they are not willing to come so often, highlights can keep you going for longer than a full head of color.

Color choices

Lara says if your hair is losing its color you basically have three choices:

  • Leave it as it is and embrace the grey
  • Get highlights to lift your natural co
  • Color and disguise any grey
  • Get a whole head hair color

Lara’s top tips for caring for your hair after 40

  • If you have highlights get them re-done every 8-12 weeks
  • If you have a full color treatment, then your roots will need to be touched up every 4-6 weeks
  • Grey hair is more porous, thicker and not as shiny, so more care is needed and less aggressive, more natural products are recommended
  • Use moisturizing products to maintain the moisture levels of grey hair
  • Use thickening products if thinning hair becomes an issue
  • Choose natural hair color shades that suit your skin tone as you get older to avoid an obviously dyed look
  • If you choose not to color grey or white hair, use a product like Aveda’s Blue Malva shampoo and conditioner which won’t turn your hair blue (!) but will make the grey or white brighter
  • If you choose to stay grey, keep your hair tidy as this looks more elegant – it’s easier to become wild hair lady with grey hair
  • Make sure you get a good regular haircut – any haircut loses its shape after 6-8 weeks
  • If you find a good hairdresser, keep them!

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