Top Tips For Travelling Solo

Don’t miss out on a trip because you don’t want to travel alone. Here’s how to stay safe and have fun when travelling solo.

Menopausal Beach Body Blues

Do you feel menopausally challenged on the beach? Do a few extra pounds stop you enjoying yourself? Well it’s time to rethink the beach body blues!

It’s Who We Are – A Review

Jane Gordon reviews this new novel about friends in their 50s navigating the strange new political climate of the present day and their own complicated lives.

Queen of Pubs – Helen Lees

We talk to Helen Lees who took her passion for the brewing industry and turned it into her own business, MyPubGroup.

What Singing Means To Me

Rachel Lankester writes about her love of gospel singing, despite being a non-believer, and what an important part of her midlife toolkit it is.