midlife rant

Who am I now? A midlife rant.

An anonymous midlifer laments the current state of play and where she fits in it all. Is this all there is for however much time she has left?

digital detox

Time for a digital detox?

Are your eyes itchy, burning, or blurry? Shoulders ache from hunching over a computer? Are you checking your phone constantly? Time for a digital detox!

avoid disputes after death

How to avoid funeral disputes!

It’s hard to talk to loved ones about your funeral arrangements. But it pays to plan ahead to minimise disputes. And you never know what might happen!

Great sex in midlife

Great sex in midlife? Hell yeah!

Samantha Evans tells us why and how she’s having great sex in her late 40s and how she intends to continue doing so into her dotage!

experience is wasted on the old

Experience is wasted on the old

Oscar Wilde said: “Youth is wasted on the young”. Enola Wright takes a light-hearted look at what she’s accumulated since her youth: experience.

Not my child, but still overwhelmed by grief

We received this from a mother grappling with the tragic death of one of her teenage son’s closest friends. We share it here in the hope it may speak to others in the throes of acute grief.