All our fabulous menopause (and perimenopause) resources in one place. Understanding it, how to manage symptoms, how to thrive through it, diet, exercise, mindset and staying magnificent!

Menopausal Beach Body Blues

Do you feel menopausally challenged on the beach? Do a few extra pounds stop you enjoying yourself? Well it’s time to rethink the beach body blues!

alcohol and the menopause

Alcohol And Menopause

How alcohol and menopause is a tricky combo. Why alcohol can often make menopause symptoms, especially hot flushes and night sweats, worse.

Going Vegan For Menopause

Lauren de Vere explains how going vegan for menopause (and afterwards) can really help ease symptoms and make you feel great.

thriving through the menopause

How To Thrive Through Menopause

Menopause is just another of life’s stages. And we’re lucky if we get that far! Here are easy strategies on how to thrive through the symptoms of menopause.