Stuff To Do

Ways To Be Creative

Lots of tips and ideas for how you can develop your creativity especially during a global pandemic when our mind is the most free part of us!

How To Enjoy Gigs On Your Own!

Single and enjoy live music? No problem! Here are Suzi Grant’s top tips for how to enjoy gigs on your own. No need to miss out!

It’s Who We Are – A Review

Jane Gordon reviews this new novel about friends in their 50s navigating the strange new political climate of the present day and their own complicated lives.

Qigong and The Muttoneer

Qigong master Katherine Allen tell us how Qigong can improve posture, stability and energy, and why it makes sense to practise this holistic Chinese exercise to promote enhanced longevity.

Foraging: A walk on the wild side

Foraging: A walk on the wild side

Karen Seekings tells us what natural foods you can find if you go foraging in the woods in the autumn in the UK. A veritable treasure trove!

photography 101

Photography 101 – a Mini-Course

In the first instalment of her mini course, Photography 101, written especially for the Mutton Club, Rebecca LaChance takes us back to basics, for far from basic results.

On your bike

Tips for cycling – on your bike!

Getting on your bike can be exhilarating and is great exercise. Here are our top tips for cycling, enjoying the experience and staying safe.

Time for volunteering

  Volunteering is more doable than you might think Ever thought you didn’t have time for volunteering, with all your other commitments? There are actually…

Easy Mutton Recipes

Mutton can be more tender and delicious than the finest lamb if you know how to treat it properly. Check out some easy mutton recipes here.