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The Magnificent Midlife podcast is all about challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers. We’re smashing them to be honest and celebrating all that older women are and do in their magnificent next chapters. Here are some of our best. Challenging everyone to think differently about what it means to be an older woman. Challenging stereotypes and empowering women in every one!

How to end ageism with Ashton Applewhite

Ashton Applewhite is an author, speaker and anti-ageism activist. I discovered her work about six years ago and have been quoting her daily ever since. Ashton got a standing ovation when she did a main stage Ted talk called Let’s end ageism. She was invited to speak at the UN. Her book is amazing: This Chair Rocks, A Manifesto Against Ageism. She’s my ultimate mentor when it comes to everything I now believe about ageing and gendered ageism.

Menopause whilst Black with Karen Arthur

Karen Arthur is an educator, fashion designer, dancer and a podcaster. She’s the host of the Menopause Whilst Black Podcast set up to amplify Black women’s voices. We talk about very important issues like the BLM movement, why menopause isn’t one size fits all, and more.

Fighting invisibility with Jane Evans

Jane Evans’ own experience of becoming invisible led her to set up The Uninvisibility Project and campaign to end the invisibility that hits older women.  This project also aims to raise the profile of women over the age of 50 and this speaks about what inspires her to keep pushing for greater visibility.

Changing midlife stereotypes with Kwavi Agbeyegbe

Meet midlife lifestyle coach, Kwavi Agbeyegbe, who specializes in helping women embrace midlife. She’s as passionate about changing negative midlife narratives as Rachel. She also believes now is the time for us to take action, and it’s never too late.

The secrets of alternative aging with Suzi Grant 

Suzi Grant

Suzi Grant is the author of Alternative Ageing: How To Stay Looking and Feeling Younger For Longer. She is also a blogger at, YouTube and Instagram star. If anyone can inspire you to age like a badass, this woman can. Suzi is the very best example of an older woman determined to squeeze the very last drop out of life, on her own terms.

Confronting anti-Black racism with Kimberly McCormick

An incredibly powerful interview with Kimberly McCormick talking about understanding, acknowledging and taking action against anti-Black racism. Kimberley works at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta Georgia, is a singer/songwriter, and runs a growing community supporting diabetics. We met in a marketing group on Facebook where I found her to be an enormously inspiring speaker with a powerful way of getting past white defensiveness about our complicity in anti-Black racism. So I asked her to come and talk to me so I could share her clarity, wisdom and powerful message.

Putting on a sell-out show about menopause with Claire Hodgson

An extraordinary interview with Claire Hodgson MBE, one of the stars of the fabulous play Mid Life which had a sell-out run at the Barbican in London. She’s the founder of Diverse City, the Bristol theater company behind this production, and the co-founder of Extraordinary Bodies, the UK’s leading professional integrated circus company.

 Fighting for social justice with Iffat Shahnaz

Iffat Shahnaz is a lifelong campaigner committed to social justice and equality. She works with organisations committed to social change and tackling social exclusion and discrimination. She specialises in gender-based violence, community education, facilitation, service development and change management.

Fighting fashion ageism with the-Bias-Cut founder Jacynth Bassett

Meet Jacynth Bassett, the founder of fabulous online fashion boutique, the-Bias-Cut, and an avid anti-ageism activist. She’s also still in her 20s but has a better handle on ageism than many women Rachel knows!

Becoming a professional bodybuilder at 48 with Amy Sutter

Amy Sutter, aka Sutter Girl, achieved her dream of being a professional body builder at the tender age of 48! She’s a very inspiring woman who accepts no limitation on herself. We talk about how she achieved her goal and what motivates her now to keep the sport alive and stay top of her game. 

 Pole dancing over 50 with Makeda Smith

I interview Makeda Smith, celebrity publicist, pole and exotic dancer. She began her pole and aerial training at the age of 50 and created her own exotic dance brand called FlyingOver50. We talk about how she came to start pole dancing at age 50, how women in midlife and beyond can stay feeling sexy and more!

Zestful ageing, not ageism with Nicole Christina

An interview with Nicole Christina, a psychotherapist, and host of the Zestful Aging Podcast which is listened to in more than 85 countries! Nicole is an utter delight and we had such a laugh together. She is also very wise.

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