By Deb Johnstone

As we age, we need to make sure we do movements that keep our hips flexible. Because if we don’t, then our hips can tighten. Over time, this can restrict our mobility and even cause hip issues. This four part video series I’ve created, helps you increase flexibility and mobility in your hips. Each video gives you a new movement so at the end of the four part series, you have a beautiful flow that you can do a few times each week to maintain flexibility and mobility. 

Part 1: A yoga exercise that gives you a beautiful leg stretch for the muscles that support the hip

We start with a leg stretch to increase flexibility in the hips. It’s important to regularly stretch our muscles because if we don’t, the muscles can get tight and may eventually shorten and limit our movement. This can be felt especially in the hips and can impact our walking when we get older. You often see older people walking with difficulty and that’s often because of tightness in the hips. Even if your hips feel tight and you think that you can’t improve them, you can! A strap of some description will help with this stretch.

Part 2: A practice that creates more hip mobility

These are some basic yoga stretches and movements to create more flexibility and mobility in the hips which can give tremendous benefit for our overall health and well being as we age. We spend so much time sitting down in the modern world and that leads to stiff hips. But by keeping our hips mobile as we age, that can helps with other health issues, like back pain, knee difficulties and other movement related issues. A strap of some description will help with this. Check out the video to get started.

Part 3: A deep yoga stretch that creates more space in the hips

This is a beautiful, deep stretch for the hips to create more flexibility and mobility. This sequence introduces the happy baby pose which is wonderful for the whole body and especially the hips, groin and lower back.

Part 4: A conclusion of this four part series that gives you a basic morning flow

This is the final video in this four-part video series going through the whole sequence. I introduce a final cross body twist which also has benefits for the spine. This gives a 30-minute flow you can practice regularly for more flexibility. Be sure to leave time for relaxation at the end of your practice.

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Deb Johnstone is a transformational coach, a professional speaker, a mindset coach amongst other things, and recently, a qualified yoga coach. She especially works to help women rediscover themselves in midlife. 


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