By Charlie Fletcher

If you’re looking for a hobby to put a pep in your step, why not try gardening? You can grow plants, flowers or even vegetables that will make you feel proud and improve your health. And you’ll feel better in the process.

Why Gardening Is Great

There are numerous perks of gardening, starting with the boost for your physical health. In addition to improving your flexibility and motor skills, you’ll also be out under the sun (assuming there is sun where you are). The vitamin D it provides is excellent for your bone and heart health. You’ll keep your mind occupied as you complete a project from start to finish and watch a tiny seed grow into a beautiful plant or a hearty vegetable.

Gardening is also fun to do with others, for example kids or grandkids. They’ll have fun while also enjoying many of the physical and mental health benefits that you do. When you’re gardening with kids, try to make it fun and don’t work them too hard. Have each child plant their own vegetable so they can have pride in watching it grow.

Different Types Of Gardens

A great thing about gardening is that it’s not one-size-fits-all. You can garden at your own pace and enjoy every minute. There are many different ways to enjoy the hobby. One is joining a community garden, where you get a piece of land in a group setting and can talk with friends while caring for your plants.

If you’re short on space but have some room on a patio or porch, you can also create a container garden. This is where you have individual plants in containers. You can grow the vegetables you like while keeping them self-contained, and you can move them easily.

If you believe you may one day move from your current home to an apartment with less space, a container garden is great because you can move it with you. Make a plan for how to transport your garden. Donate or throw away things you don’t need, so there’s more room for your plants. If they’re already in containers, then you can move them easier or safely transplant a vegetable plant from your garden into a container and move it that way. 

Once you get the hang of the hobby, you can look into creating a permaculture garden. It’s a self-sustaining agricultural system where you let nature nurture itself. Permaculture crops could include perennial vegetables and edible flowers that grow year after year, and many also attract pollinators that will continually disperse new seeds. Once your garden is thriving, you could turn it into a market garden and even try to make some money on the side.

Tips For Successful Gardening

Choose a good space for your garden. That may be your backyard or a separate plot of land. An allotment can be very cool. Note that not every grass surface is good for a garden. Instead, look for signs of healthy soil. Finding earthworms and fungi is a good sign. Also, check to see if the soil is darker and crumbles off the plants’ roots as you pull them out of the ground.

What you decide to plant is up to you. You may want to start with some easier plants until you get the hang of gardening. Leafy greens like lettuce and kale grow easily during spring and fall, and they provide a ton of healthy nutrients. Tomatoes are also very forgiving plants that typically grow with basic watering and maintenance. 

Although it’s a pretty easygoing hobby, it’s still important to be safe when you’re growing and tending to your garden. You can enjoy gardening more when you’re older by taking it easy during each session and not being too obsessed and perfect, or you’ll drive yourself crazy. While gardening is great for building physical strength, try to lighten your load when possible by using fabric hoses and use ergonomic pruners and clippers! 

Enjoying Your Efforts

Once you see your vegetables are ripe, pick them and share them with family and friends. If you know you want to eat more fruits and vegetables, planning a garden may be the answer, since you’re more likely to want to eat what you grew with your own two hands

Just have fun and enjoy the gardening life!

Charlie Fletcher is a freelance writer from the lovely “city of trees”- Boise, Idaho. Her love of writing pairs with her passion for social activism and search for the truth. When not writing she is a part time wedding planner and spending time with her nephews.

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