Mutton Club editor Rachel Lankester took part in the Women Who Spark Summit organized by the very magnificent Aleta Norris. We asked other participants for their best advice to help age well. Here’s what they shared.

1. Aleta Norris

“You have time! Lean into a version of your 80-year-old self. Envision what she is doing. Envision her level of activity, what she is wearing, where she lives. Who is she spending her time with? What is she doing to contribute?

You may have as many years ahead of you in your adult life as you have behind you. Do not leave these years to chance.

This is an amazing time to reinvent, to re-imagine who you can be as you move forward. Bring the beautiful things about your past with you. And leave the not-so-great stuff behind.

Tap into the dreams you’ve buried for years and bring them to life.”

Aleta Norris is the author of “Women Who Spark After 50, Inspiration to Reinvent and Reignite Your Life for the Second Half.”

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2. Tania Dalton

“Ageing is a natural and wonderful part of life that we can embrace rather than fear.

However, it is important that we take ownership and responsibility for our health.

If we haven’t already, now is the time to start improving our fitness, nutrition and mindfulness practices, so that we can live vibrantly into old age – it’s never too late to start.

Basically, we need to view our health as a priority and create habits and rituals to make it a part of our everyday life.

We deserve to live our best lives and we deserve to be fit, healthy and vibrant regardless of age.”

Tania Dalton is 52, a healthy ageing coach and personal trainer with a special interest in helping women thrive in menopause. Although fit and healthy, Tania was unprepared for the menopause transition. After developing a simple but effective way of managing her menopause symptoms and becoming her healthiest and happiest self, Tania is now passionate about sharing her knowledge with other women, so that they too can embrace this stage of life.

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3. Mona Ying Reeves

“Aging well is surrounding yourself with what fuels your best life. This means creating a space — physically, mentally, and emotionally – that feeds you.

We often focus on what we put into our bodies and our relationships. However, we underestimate the power and control we have of our immediate environments.

Our home and physical spaces we occupy have a direct impact on our moods and emotion. When we take charge and transform our physical home, we take steps closer to not just our dream home but our best life.

This is why I’m so passionate about empowering women in their home renovation and remodel journeys.”

Got remodel projects cluttering your mind? As a serial renovator, architect, entrepreneur, and behind-the-scenes design consultant to various HGTV shows, Mona Ying Reeves is the one you want to talk house with. After years of being a design leader in male-dominated industries, she founded Kickstart House — a coaching and support community to help everyday homeowners start and become empowered in their home renovation journeys.

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4. Sue Revell

“For me, ageing well means living a life that matters and being true to who I am. Trying to be anyone else is just exhausting! It’s about being who I am, doing work I love, surrounding myself with people who see and bring out the very best in me. Oh, and knowing my go-to people who love me when I’m not at my very best too!

So, here’s my advice: Be you. Don’t be tempted to play small. You are able to do and be more than your mental monkeys would have you believe. Own your dreams and think & BE big as you bring them to life. Align yourself to work that brings you joy and fulfilment. Surround yourself with people who love you and want the best for you.

Most of all, love yourself. Treat yourself with the kindness and compassion you would want from others.”

Sue Revell is on a mission to STOP women playing small. With over 30 years coaching & leadership experience, she loves nothing more than disrupting the unhelpful thinking that holds women back from making the world a better place. Sue helps world-changing women to get out of resistance and into flow so that they can think, dream and BE bigger in leading change. Coaching internationally, Sue’s clients include business & political leaders, entrepreneurs & intrapreneurs, clinical leaders, athletes and performers. She is a guest lecturer in personal leadership, a regular media contributor and an experienced Non-Executive Director.

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5. Wendy Lynne Rimmelspacher

“YOU are meant for more! Give yourself permission to spend time learning new skills to grow in ways that bring more joy into your life. If you are noticing that you are not as happy doing what you have always done, welcome to midlife. This change you are feeling is the nudge you need to embrace in order to open up your mind and start following your dreams.

Fear is just an emotion that is trying to keep you safe. Set this emotion aside, and instead, let it evolve into excitement for what could be. Some ideas to get you started include: sign up for a class you have been interested in at your local college, sign up for a Women’s Event that interests you, or start listening to a podcast that moves your energy to a higher level. Whatever it is that sounds interesting to you, do it.

Journaling has become such an integral action item for many women to shake out ideas of what interests them. Setting some time aside each day to write in a free-flow fashion can open up your world to some surprisingly new interests. The best advice is to start saying “yes” to opportunities to learn, grow and meet new people. The opportunities are endless and you know you are ready for something more.”

Wendy Rimmelspacher is a Public Speaker who’s passionate about encouraging women to move beyond their fears and evolve into who they dream to become. The feeling of fear is real, but the power behind the fear often is not. Wendy believes we can all learn to move beyond the feeling of fear and self-doubt and achieve our goals. She centers her work around helping women learn to embrace their energy, take bold steps towards achieving their goals and live the life they dream of for themselves.

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6. Dara Goldberg

“Give yourself permission to grow and change in midlife; know that we grow throughout our entire lives and that’s a beautiful thing.”

Dara Goldberg helps women in midlife who have lost their sense of purpose and value redefine and reclaim it on their own terms.


7. Prissy Elrod

“‘Some people are old at 18 and some young at 9o….time is a concept humans created.’ (Yoko Ono). Slather up your face each night with creams, wear your hair long, short, gray or dyed —- whatever makes you feel special in your own skin. I dress younger than I should—- but *that* keeps me ageless (say my grown daughters and friends) Clearly, it’s time I retire wearing combat boots. “

Prissy Elrod is an inspirational speaker and the published author of two books: Far Outside the Ordinary and Chasing Ordinary, the sequel. She shares her journey of love, loss and second chances and how sometimes unanswered prayers are answered—only in a different way. She is a contributing editor to Flamingo (awarded 2020’s Best Magazine of the Year) where her column, “Panhandling” is found inside every issue.

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8. Karen Laos

“The most important thing to age well is to keep your sense of wonder. Believe that age is irrelevant from the perspective of possibility. It’s all about how you look at things: I don’t think of myself as an age. I just am.

I look at life as an adventure and I go from one adventure to the next! Keeping a sense of playfulness makes it even more exciting. Be curious – ask questions. Think bigger. There is always something to look forward to. You can do anything at any age.

Remember that you get to choose how you live your life. Be the person with contagious passion. At 50 years old I fulfilled my dream of living in Manhattan by spending a month there to celebrate my birthday. I followed my heart and had the time of my life.”

Karen Laos is a keynote speaker and leadership coach specializing in communication. She equips women in business to speak with clarity and stand out with unshakable confidence. Her mission is to eradicate self-doubt so women can be free to step into the best version of themselves. Some of Karen’s clients include Facebook, Google, Netflix, Sephora, and NASA. After 20+ years in training and development, she left her corporate job last July to pursue her entrepreneurial dream – and hasn’t looked back.

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