Iceland – a week to remember

Keeping it cool in the land of ice – a week in Iceland

Enjoy a glimpse of Iceland by looking through our photo gallery. If you visit this place at Christmas, it’s guaranteed to be a white one!

Stroll around down-town Reykjavik, dine on reindeer and puffin, marvel at bubbling geysers and frozen waterfalls. This five day December trip included the magnificent Geysir, the original and best geyser from whence the word came, and the Gullfoss waterfall, both in southwestern Iceland.

We were lucky enough to catch the Northern Lights, admittedly with a camera set to a very slow exposure. We didn’t spot any whales though, but the boat trip was still fun, if freezing, even with our standard issue red whale-watching jumpsuits.

Just be sure to pack your thermals! Ice grips for your shoes wouldn’t go amiss either. When the ice has impacted for a week or so, it’s seriously slippy!

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