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There are over 120 episodes of the Magnificent Midlife podcast! As I look back, I see an incredible resource to inspire, inform, entertain and motivate women in midlife and beyond. None more so than some of our most interesting podcast episodes. My goodness there are some crackers on this list. I hope you enjoy listening to these most interesting podcast episodes as much as I enjoyed recording them!

Interesting podcast

Surviving a Somali desert kidnapping with Jessica Buchanan

Meet the remarkable Jessica Buchanan, the NYT bestselling co-author of Impossible Odds, a memoir that details her 93 days held in the desert by Somali land pirates, and her dramatic rescue by US Navy SEAL Team VI. I am so inspired by Jess and found this such an empowering story of survival against truly impossible odds that can help all of us cope better under duress.

Pole dancing over 50 with Makeda Smith

I interview Makeda Smith, celebrity publicist, pole and exotic dancer. She began her pole and aerial training at the age of 50 and created her own exotic dance brand called FlyingOver50. She believes life is ours for the taking and nothing is going to stand in her way to live the life she wants to live.

Choosing to be brave with Alexandra Boyd

Meet Alexandra Boyd, a woman of many talents! She’s an actress, in Mr Holland’s Opus, Titanic, and Coronation Street to name just a very few, a screenwriter and film director, a video games icon, a singer, and a campaigner. She’s also been incredibly brave recently in her personal life for love! She too crossed oceans for it and set up life in the Canadian forest!

The joy of adventure with Alice Morrison

Alice Morrison is an adventurer. She’s the Indiana Jones for girls. She’s done so many things that would test anyone’s endurance. The Marathon des Sables, the Tour d’Afrique, she was the first woman to walk the full length of the Draa River in Morocco where she lives. She’s trekked through the Sahara and completed the Everest Trail Race. She’s written several books, and the most recent is Walking With Nomads. Talk about an interesting life!

Letting your life speak with Mari Smith

Mari Smith is one of the foremost experts in Facebook marketing and is often referred to as the Queen of Facebook. She’s been named one of 7 women shaping digital marketing by IBM and one of the Top Ten Social Media Power Influencers many years in a row. She’s shared stages with the likes of Eckhart Tolle, Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins and Arianna Huffington to name a few. I was a bit gob-smacked she joined me on the podcast! This is a long episode but there is so much goodness here.

Confronting anti-Black racism with Kimberly McCormick

An incredibly powerful interview with Kimberly McCormick talking about understanding, acknowledging and taking action against anti-Black racism. Kimberley works at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta Georgia, is a singer/songwriter, and runs a growing community supporting diabetics. We met in a marketing group on Facebook where I found her to be an enormously inspiring speaker with a powerful way of getting past white defensiveness about complicity in anti-Black racism. So I asked her to come and talk to me so I could share her clarity, wisdom and powerful message.

The magic of menopause with Darcey Steinke

This interview was transformational for me! I was so excited to interview Darcey Steinke, author of Flash Count Diary. I loved her book and so many of her thoughts about menopause are similar to mine. It was wonderful to find a kindred spirit whose overall impression of menopause is so positive. Darcey was the first guest to make me cry!

Professional bodybuilder at 48 – Amy Sutter

Amy Sutter, aka Sutter Girl, achieved her dream of being a professional body builder at the tender age of 48! She’s a very inspiring woman who accepts no limitation on herself. We talk about how she achieved her goal and what motivates her now to keep the sport alive and stay top of her game. We can be anything we set out minds to be.

Triumph over adversity with Elizabeth Solaru

An interview with Elizabeth Solaru, the founder of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium and maker of luxury wedding cakes. Elizabeth has a fascinating story to tell about multiple reinventions including a new one accelerated by the global pandemic. She’s the mistress of creating opportunity out of challenge.

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