About The Mutton Club Shop

How it works

We’re delighted you’re interested in the Mutton Club Shop. We thought it would be helpful to explain how it works.

It may not be immediately apparent (because of some very clever coding behind the scenes) but our shop isn’t actually our shop! We’re working with a dropship supplier called Spreadshirt to allow us to provide some lovely Mutton Club branded merchandise for you.

You can change the colours of both the products and the designs in our shop, so our merchandise is fully customisable.

What is a dropship supplier?  A dropship supplier produces goods once they have already been ordered and paid for, and handles payment, distribution and customer service.  They allow us to provide Mutton Club branded merchandise without doing all the legwork ourselves.

Spreadshirt provides an online shop interface that we integrate into our site. They provide a wide range of products (not actually as wide as we’d like), we choose which products we’d like to have in our shop, and we provide the designs we’d like on those products. We don’t have any input on the types of products they supply though we did have some success in asking them to include a V-neck T-shirt! We also don’t have any input on sizing. We looked at a range of dropship suppliers and decided that Spreadshirt has the widest range of products and the highest quality, both of which are important to us.

Spreadshirt is actually based in Germany but has factories across the EU and one in the US, and their payment and delivery systems work worldwide.

You can see our designs on the Spreadshirt products on our shop page on our website. The shop page is linked back to the Spreadshirt website where they handle payment, printing, distribution and after-sale care. So when you’re buying in our shop, you’re actually buying from Spreadshirt and not us. Spreadshirt pay us back for the designs we provide based on which sell.

This way we can provide Mutton Club branded goods without having to invest in stock which might then not sell. It won’t make us millions, but it’s a good way, at least for now, for us to provide merchandise in the lowest risk way possible.

So, if there are any problems with your order it’s important that you speak to Spreadshirt. You can email them on service@spreadshirt.co.uk or call them on +44 20 3137 2587, Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm UK time. You can also fill in a form on their website here.

Here is their Fair return policy. You can return goods within 30 days for an exchange. You can only get a refund of the product cost if the product was not designed specifically for you, which in the case of our merchandise will generally be the case – i.e. it will have been designed specifically for you in terms of design, colour, style and size.

We’re very happy with Spreadshirt so far and are delighted that they enable us to provide some gorgeous Mutton Club products! We hope you agree.

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