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By Shawna Barnes.

I’m fired-up, so let’s dispense with greetings!

Net Neutrality.

Let me catch you up just in case you have been on a media fast or something this month–the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) squashed net neutrality.

I’m freaking out because I just put my hopes and dreams into serving and creating a flourishing business ONLINE–just in time to be snuffed out by mega corporations slowing down and restricting my access to the World Wide Web!


My mind does the triple milkshake back flip belly flop:

I’m not paying exorbitant fees to get access to the net!

I wonder if we the people circle the wagons real quick we can find a way to rebel?

“70% of Americans want to maintain Net Neutrality.”

Yes! We’ll all agree not to use the Internet anymore until the FCC or congress puts it back!

Oh wait…would that mean no more Facebook???


Maybe we can start our own Internet…

No. Really.

Breathe, Shawna, ease down.


So what’s my point?

We live in a time of complex, rapid change and if net neutrality doesn’t grab your goat like it does mine, chances are good there is at least one other issue that does.

But rather than cower in the corner or throw our hands up proclaiming “The world’s going to hell in a hand basket” (whatever that means), I believe now’s an awesome time to suit up differently in preparation for life ahead.

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Before we get measured, before we venture out, we must get clear: the terrain ahead is unlike what we have experienced in the past, it well may be where no woman has gone before, therefore we need to bring “new weapons” to the “fight”.

To acquire a suitable mindset, first and foremost, we’re compelled to release the need/interest/desire to get it “right,” to be “perfect”, to follow a plan, to read a book or consult an expert.


Stay with me here.

We frequently won’t know what we don’t know before being called in to play.

Sure, some of what we’re after will be informed by our past experience and education, but the rest we get to create on the fly–you know that whole “LEAP and the net will appear thing”.

For instead of the familiar and predictable, we start releasing the soul craving, centuries old, little woman, need-to-be-perfect–well-behaved, well-mannered, good student, salt-of-the-earth getup, to slide beyond our comfort zone, into the liberating, exhilarating, potential-filled unknown!

Yes, really.

(And, yes, there are still scary bits for me with starting my own business for the third time, asking women I know just a little to give me their email address so YOU can blaze the trail with me, planning events maybe no one will attend and if they do they my not like it! lol)

Still, I keep taking steps because my WHY drowns out the doubts, fears and worries that keep slamming their hand in the air like an excited child demanding my attention, about to wet her panties!

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Oh, but know, the super awesome part, I power up any latent, dormant, hibernating feminine energy!

I accept the keys to

Still with me?

By the end of my meltdown, I have more information, I hear Glennon Doyle uttering “we can do hard things”, I float above the situation knowing a multitude of outcomes are possible as I am not alone, I accept that this change may produce some welcomed outcomes (I mean since no one really knows how NO net neutrality will play out.) and I trust we can right the piano stool in the long run if this is really a problem.

My dear, we take the freeing step of putting COURAGE OVER PERFECTION.

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Your turn. Let me hear from you now, how are you navigating the times we live in?


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