On sugarlumps and gardens…..

If you’ve landed here you’re probably wondering what on earth we’re on about with our sugarlumps and lady gardens!

At the Mutton Club, we’re passionate about raising awareness and discussion of perimenopause and menopause. Part of that is sharing our content on various social media platforms. We’re increasingly doing advertising on these platforms as well, to raise awareness, but we’ve come a cropper with Facebook. That’s because we call a spade a spade, and talk about loss of libido and vaginal dryness as potential symptoms of menopause.

“Libido enhancing products or services” are not allowed to be advertised on Facebook. Even if it’s only dietary advice we’re giving! The mere mention of the word libido gets the Facebook advertising team having their own hot flushes! So rather than be censored by Facebook,  we decided to get creative and censor ourselves.

So if you’re reading an article that mentions sugarlumps or lady gardens it’s probably a post we’ve advertised on Facebook and have edited accordingly. For sugarlumps, read libido and for lady garden, read vagina 🙂