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We often talk about menopause on the Magnificent Midlife Podcast. Here are some of the amazing episodes we have, to help you thrive not just survive through your menopause transition.

Menopause whilst Black with Karen Arthur


Karen Arthur is an educator, fashion designer, dancer, and a podcaster. She’s the host of the Menopause Whilst Black Podcast set up to amplify Black women’s voices.

How to have a happy menopause with Jackie Lynch


Jackie Lynch, author of The Happy Menopause, talks about how nutrition and healthy lifestyle changes can help us flourish through menopause.

Staying fit and healthy through menopause with Tania Dalton


Meet Tania Dalton, healthy aging coach and fitness trainer who’s passionate about redefining age and empowering women to embrace menopause.

Understanding the power of hormonal change with Becky Quicke


Meet Becky Quicke, Menopause Psychologist. She’s dedicated to helping women cope especially with the emotional aspects of menopause.

Hot Flashes and Cool Topics with Colleen and Bridgett


Meet Colleen and Bridgett, co-hosts of the Hot Flashes and Cool Topics podcast. This episode is all about midlife, menopause, and other cool topics!

Menopause, hormones and immune systems with Angela Counsel


Talking to naturopath Angela Counsel, about menopause and hormonal balance and supporting our immune systems in response to Covid-19.

Putting on a sell-out show about menopause with Claire Hodgson


An extraordinary interview with Claire Hodgson MBE, one of the stars of the fabulous play Mid Life which had a sell-out run at the Barbican in London. She’s the founder of Diverse City, the Bristol theater company behind this production, and the co-founder of Extraordinary Bodies, the UK’s leading professional integrated circus company.

How to do a midlife refuel with Maryon Stewart


Maryon Stewart, pioneer of the natural menopause movement, created a non-drug, scientifically based program and has helped thousands of women.

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