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It used to be the case that we all had to cut our hair short when we hit 40! Crazy huh! Thankfully we don’t listen to those silly notions any more.  But as we get older, we can suit short haircuts more than in our youth, and they can certainly be a low-maintenance haircut if you get the right style and cut. Short haircuts for women over 60 especially can look really great.

I reckon as our features get more defined as we age, we can suit a shorter haircut that frames our faces. A fabulous short haircut for women over 60 can be stylish and also easy to maintain. Great modern hair products make styling so much easier than in the past and short styles can be easily adapted with these. Even a stylish quiff can be achieved without too much effort these days with good hair products.

short haircuts for women over 60

The key to finding the perfect hairstyle is to consider your face shape, hair type, and personal preferences. Take inspiration from style icons like Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda, but always make it your own. A fabulous short haircut not only gives you a fresh new look but also boosts your confidence and can highlight your natural beauty, especially as your face matures. You may even feel it gives you a more youthful look. 

The best short haircuts can also be a good option if you’ve decided to embrace your natural gray hair colour, making it much easier than if you still have long hair.

The classic short hairstyles for older women include a short pixie haircut and the classic bob. The pixie works for all face shapes especially a round face. A pixie cut with wispy bangs could be a great option to experiment with.  The bob haircut remains popular because it’s one of the best short hairstyles around and works for all face and hair types. There are so many options – a short bob hairstyle or a longer one, a blunt bob, longer layers with wavy hair, with or without bangs, side bangs, straight hair or curls. We have lots of examples here of all types to inspire you. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with color – that can also be a fun way to update your look. Whether it’s blonde highlights, a natural gray or white hair color, or experimenting with a bold new shade, changing your hair color can completely transform your overall appearance. Just make sure to choose a color that complements your skin tone and personal style. You can read more about how our natural gray hair color can look fabulous here.

Good luck experimenting. And if you find a good hair stylist – keep them! 

Here are some popular short hairstyles for women in this age group:

Pixie Cut

1. Side Parted White Pixie for Fine Hair

2. Shaggy Pixie For Thick Hair

3. Curly Pixie Cut 

4. Pixie Hair With Long Bangs

5. Very Short Pixie Cut

Bob Cut

6. Voluminous Layered Side-Parted Bob

7. Stacked Pixie Bob with Feathered Styling

8. Classic Bob With Bangs

9. Bob with Flipped Layers

10. Wavy Bob Hairstyle

Layered Short Hair

Short Shaggy

Asymmetrical Cut

24. Asymmetrical Haircut Layering For Fine Hair

Spiky Short Hair

Short Curly Hairstyles

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short haircuts for women over 60

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