The Martian review – four years of potatoes then the ketchup runs out

The Martian


By Alexandra Boyd, Mutton Club Film Critic.

four stars


For good sets and Matt’s jokes

Matt Damon gets left for dead on the Red Planet but luckily he’s a top botanist slash astronaut so he knows how to grow a spud. For most of us, the time it takes to get to Mars and back would seriously eat into one’s love life, let alone the boredom of that many frozen ready-meals, so it might just push a girl over the edge (what no sushi?). But luckily Matt’s passed O Level Chemistry (obvs) and is a resourceful guy, so we spend many scenes watching him work out basic biology to grow enough food and make enough water to last till his crew do a u-ey around Earth and come back to get him.

Frankly, it’s a good job The Martian didn’t release at the same time as Gravity which pound for pound (see what I did there?) is a much better drama . But Matt has a cute sense of humour and hates disco music – the only CDs he can find left by his commanding officer, the Far Too Gorgeous Jessica Chastain (I mean really?), who we are asked to believe just loves to disco-down-down even though she wasn’t even born in the 70’s!

One for the sci-fi lovers with a bit of Lonely Planet thrown in. I mean I didn’t see any box sets and he didn’t go on Facebook once – what would you do?

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alexandra boyd new headshotAlexandra Boyd has been in the film industry for more than 30 years. She’s passionate about film and the roles  women play in film – in front of and behind the camera.  She spent ten years as an actress in Hollywood where her film credits include James Cameron’s Titanic, Mr Holland’s Opus and Luc Besson’s From Paris With Love. She returned to the UK, and after a stint on Coronation Street, packed it all in to become a screenwriter and film director. Her award winning short film, Boxer On The Wilderness, is a teaser for a feature about a 1920s Olympic boxer from Hackney Wick.  She also raises funds and makes short films for GR8 AS U R, an anti-bullying organisation. Widow’s Walk, a supernatural thriller about a woman who lost her husband in Afghanistan, shooting in 2016, will be her debut feature.