The Ultimate Mini-Guide To Menopause

By Mutton Club staff.

We’ve put together a handy infographic guide to menopause (and perimenopause) explaining what it is, what it means, common symptoms and how you can help yourself if you’re finding symptoms difficult to manage. Many women have no problem with perimenopause and menopause (see the guide below to find out the difference between these two), for others it’s a difficult time.

Free Natural Menopause Relief Checklist

How you approach menopause, your diet and the amount of exercise you do, can all impact how it may affect you. And there are many natural remedies to try which can ease symptoms, many of which we list below. You can find out more in our menopause resource section. We hope you’ll find our mini-guide useful. If you do, we’d love you to share it with your friends.


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If you’d like more detail on everything in the infographic check out our menopause section. There we have posts on perimenopause, thriving through menopause, alcohol and menopause, keeping you sexy through menopause and beyond, herbal medicine, food for menopause symptoms, is HRT safe, going vegan for menopause etc.

At the Mutton Club we’re working hard to increase understanding of this important transitional time in a woman’s life and stop menopause being a taboo subject. Menopause happens to all women if we’re lucky enough to reach this stage of life. It’s something we all share and we need to talk more about it to prepare both ourselves and the women who come after us.

Menopause is nothing to be afraid of, just part of life’s rich pattern as we hope you’ll agree.  But it can still come as a shock to many women particularly if symptoms start in the mid 40s which is not at all unusual though often a surprise. Please share our infographic if you know someone who’d find it helpful.

Free Natural Menopause Relief Checklist

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