Best Books About Menopause, Ageing Well and Living Our Best Life

Since I started my midlife journey after an early menopause catapulted me into this complex, often bewildering, but ultimately wonderous stage of life, I’ve read some brilliant books about menopause, making the very most of life and ageing well.

- Rachel Lenkester

I thought it was only fair to share these with you. Because knowledge is power. The more we know about how to approach menopause and ageing well, the more empowered to be magnificent we can be! So here are my favorites so far!

The Happy Menopause

This practical nutrition and lifestyle guide provides women with the tools to build their own menopause diet which specifically targets the symptoms that are relevant to them. There are so many ways that nutrition can support a healthy and happy menopause, but a one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t work.


Flash Count Diary

This is a deeply feminist book, honest about the intimations of mortality that menopause signals but also an argument for the ascendency, beauty and power of the post-reproductive years in women’s lives.

This Chari Rocks

The book explains the roots of ageism – in history and in our own age denial – and how it divides and debases, examines how ageist myths and stereotypes cripple the way our brains and bodies function, looks at ageism in the workplace and the bedroom, exposes the cost of the myth of independence, critiques the portrayal of olders as burdens to society, describes what an all-age-friendly world would look like, and concludes with a rousing call to action.

Alternative Ageing

A leading blogger and researcher into ageing, Suzi has created this easy Alternative Ageing action plan to give you more energy and vitality. Follow the tips in Alternative Ageing and you’ll soon discover a new you who looks and feels great and runs rings around your children – and even grandchildren.

Hot Flashes, Carpools, and Dirty Martinis

In this irreverent and humorous how-to guide, motivational speaker and coach Juju Hook gives it to you straight about why you’ve likely come to dread middle age, and why it should be the time of your life

Your Next Chapter

In ‘Your Next Chapter’, Angela now offers inspiration, guidance and simple tools to help you navigate doubt, anchor into your true worth and access your courage, confidence and creativity. She also shares her own raw stories of recovery from addiction, and transition through three major work-life changes to the business that sustains her soul today.

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