By Lisa Bowen, Therapist, Life Coach & Thinking into Results Facilitator

The world needs women to step up. And make the most of our feminine power. This post just flowed, almost out of my control, although it certainly reflects my model of the world.

Caution, these are just my beliefs that may challenge your own – they are written with love from the heart.

They are neither right nor wrong, simply my beliefs, so if you think it’s pure whacko, just ignore it and stay comfortable in your world. If this pushes your buttons, congratulations, you’re ready to wake up and if it resonates with you, let’s unite.

feminine power

The world is in labour!

The old world is giving birth to the new; we’ve had the labor pains of the Arab Spring uprising, the Turkey uprising and Brexit, to name some of the bigger contractions and Trump was the final push, maybe. Then there was Covid!

We can’t prevent this process of change, so we, as the ‘crones’ of the world, are being called upon to act as midwives. The birthing process is painful, messy and necessary. Even circumventing the process by Caesarean Section doesn’t eliminate the blood and pain, and it usually takes longer to recover. There is no other way to deliver the baby.

We are having to let go of so many things that were uncomfortable and comfortable at the same time. Nothing of the old world is working anymore. Governance/government, justice, education, health systems are ineffective and spawning new or reviving ways that were discarded as mankind was dumbed down into a subservient workforce. The old way of doing business is moving from competition to collaboration through disruption and innovative ideas.

It will be painful and messy as old systems are removed and new effective and supportive ones are installed.

We are evolving at a faster rate than ever before and Millennials and Gen Y have already evolved more than Baby Boomers and even Gen X.

The rise of ADHD and autism is part of this. These people are tuned into a frequency far greater than ours and struggle with our slowness, particularly the ADHD people. While the autistics need to shut out so much of our world, to be able to tune into a world beyond ours. Millennials are also struggling because they’re trying to live in a new world that we’re resisting.

All these souls are here to teach us how to move forward and all we do is try to teach them ways that they can see clearly don’t work. Or we put them in our carefully labelled boxes and try to make them fit. We label them as ill, misfits or naughty because they don’t fit our model of the world, while actually they are here to teach us how to live in the new world that is trying so hard to be born. And all the time, we are forcing the mother to lie on her back (who ever thought that was a natural way to give birth??) and slow the process down.

So, what has this got to do with us crones, elders, wise women of peri through to post menopause age? And what about feminine power?

We are the ones with the life experience and wisdom of midwives, whose role is to placate and support the parents, the distraught father to be as he struggles to watch his beloved partner in pain. We are the ones who don’t get caught up in the pain and sometimes aggression of the birthing mother and maintain a steady eye on the baby throughout the process. We simply support the process from an outside perspective rather than being involved in it.

Every time we get caught up emotionally in what is happening, we are prolonging the pain in an energetic sense so it’s important to stay neutral to ensure a safe birth. How useful would an emotional midwife be?

We don’t function well from an emotional state and we certainly don’t make good decisions, so learn to observe so that you can see who needs your support. Learn to reclaim and trust your innate feminine power and wisdom.

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When you hear, read or see something that upsets you or makes you angry or sad, ask yourself whether those emotions will compound the situation or help it move forward, for example, when someone announces a death, the energy is already heavy, so adding your emotions to it, just adds more heavy energy, making it even heavier.

What if you added a lighter energy by just sending love and hugs which are usually what is needed by the way! Just tune into your own energy and ask how can you best support someone in pain. We instinctively know how to do this as women. We may have had it suppressed so now is the time to tune into your inherent wisdom as a mature woman.

Where in your own life can you look objectively and see that you’ve been acting as a participant instead of an observer? Those of you who have been gifted (and I don’t say that lightly and with all due respect and love) these wonderful teachers in your lives, what have you learned from them? What could you learn with a different perspective?

We truly are being called upon to step up, reclaim the feminine power and empower others.

I could probably write a book on this! Instead, I’ll stop here and trust it will generate some discussion and I ask that you contribute to it, if it calls you to, with the impartial observation of the midwife that you are, rather that the aggression of the mother in pain.

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Lisa Bowen is an experienced Therapist, Life Coach & Thinking into Results Facilitator who inspires and empowers others to rediscover their dreams and create the life they really want. She uses her experience and passion to help find the gorgeous in you.  Her passion for inspiring and empowering others makes the journey fun.  She can be reached at

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